Logo Project- Drag Racing Team

Audience: People who race cars, car enthusiasts

Problem: Brand new team sought my help with creating a logo. They wanted something they could print on T-Shirts and make stickers and banners out of for when they go to car meets and races.

Programs used: Procreate, Canva, and Adobe Illustrator

Total project time: One week


Project Details

Before getting started on sketching the logo concepts, I began researching inspiration on what other car racing team logos look like. Since I am not familiar with the industry, understanding the style, colors, and typefaces used in other logos was important in creating something that would blend in with the industry, but stand out enough that it would also capture the individuality of the team.

Andrea J Bermudez Graphic Design Logo Design Knoxville TN

After sending the initial concepts, the client responded with their top choice. During this time, I was also researching different typeface possibilities and collecting them on a document for the client to review. Again, I gave them a few different options to choose from.

Andrea J Bermudez Graphic Design Logo Design Knoxville TN

Once I had a rough understanding of the industry, I started sketching. I came up with a few different concepts for the client to choose from. This would give me a better idea of what they were envisioning for their logo and what direction I needed to go in.

Andrea J Bermudez Graphic Design Logo Design Knoxville TN

Once I received the responses from my client, the final logo was designed. Because the team was still new, and they needed something quick, I went with a minimal approach and minimal color palette. I took inspiration from the speedometer of a car and incorporated the typeface they selected. The client was thrilled with the design.